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Education, for boys and girls alike, is a cornerstone for sustainable development of a country. Books, delivered by an efficient and sustainable local book chain, are a key ingredient for quality education. With that we believe that books are at the basis of the realization of all other Sustainable Development Goals.

We identify local opportunities through research and country assessments and provide technical assistance to increase local know how and capacity to develop and deliver books. Thirty years of experience in the book industry and a global network is what you will find in our backpack. We approach the challenge from different angles (public, private, legal, commercial, industrial),coming to pragmatic solutions to build the local book chain.

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It's the time of the year again: the children are going back to school!

This means 'rush hour' for all the educational projects supplying millions of textbooks, teacher guides and supplementary reading materials.

Careful planning is the key to survival in these busy times

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Planned activities


Follow up capacity building Mozambique and support for print and distribution

Quarterly and annual reporting for partners

Preparations SOW Year 2, planning trips, remote support

Proposal development

Masterpeace meeting


Roel in Ghana and Kenya (4-11)


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