A day in the life of blueTree Group consultant Maureen Ochako

Picture books Ghana

I just landed in Kotoka International Airport, Ghana, Land of Cocoa.

My contact person is waiting to take me to one of the printers. He is one of the nicest, warmest person I've met in a zillion years (let's assume I am a zillion and two years old today).

But, this rainy morning he isn't particularly a charm.....he is arguing on the phone in the Akuapem Twi (read as Chui not Twi) language which is nothing close to any Bantu or English language I've heard before. I don't get a single word he murmurs...until the typical west African 'Mscheeeew..... Mschew'

So I ask him what’s up.

He says "ooh...oh God-ooo they gon kill me ohh."

I panic yet still try to remain calm and composed: “Who now? Why ooh? What ohh?” 

The heat gods, it’s too hot in Accra….we will all die. Talk of hyperbola!!!!

Just to paint a clearer picture Accra is kind-a-like Mombasa, It’s on the coast line, nice beach and it even has an old town called Osu. Cool place? I can’t use the word cool to describe a hot place, can I?

Anyway I smile and opt to stay focused on the task at hand; book development, print and distribution of reading materials in the all the schools in Ghana (approximately 7,000 schools) in all the 11 reading languages in Ghana. Daunting task, but the result justifies the means fully.

That smile of the child reading from those books is worth a million bucks! That life that will be changed because of the free textbooks and pupils book is worth a billion bucks!!!

 Maureen Ochako